What is Multimedia Innovation Competition?

Multimedia Innovation Competition (MICom) is the flagship initiative from the i-IDeA™ organizing committee. This event is held once in every two years (biennial event). It enables young inventors to accelerate innovation culture by generating novel ideas and innovative ways to solve problems that may or give impact to any business or organization. It is open to students from primary level, secondary level and tertiary level from all around the globe.

“Since technology and communication is everything these days, the only way to get attention and funding for your ideas is to present them in a concise and compelling way.”



  1. To inspire and unleash the spirit of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship via multimedia and technology.
  2. To support creative ideas which provide effective solutions for current problems in society.
  3. To provide opportunities for young inventors to convert their innovative ideas into action, with the opportunity of having it reviewed and recognized by designated experts.


Empowering Research, Innovation Ideas and Entrepreneurship Towards Sustainable Economy.